FREPA History

When the Victorian Egg industry deregulated in 1993, a number of existing free range producers saw the need to form an association similar to those already in existence in New South Wales and Queensland.

This was to ensure that standards for genuine free range production would be set and the consumer would have a way of recognising a genuine product. The first meeting of the Free Range Egg and Poultry Association of Victoria Incorporated took place in October 1993 and by the following year the first farms were being inspected for accreditation.

In November 2002 FREPA became a Company Limited by Guarantee and is now Free Range Egg and Poultry Australia Limited.



We are working hard to:

  • represent our growers;
  • have our logo instantly recognised in the market place as the sign of a quality product;
  • inform all tiers of government, the media and other organizations about Free Range production;
  • educate existing and potential farmers about the various aspects of Free Range farming and marketing so that they are well-equipped to meet future challenges.

Our farmers are interested in producing a quality product. The eggs and meat are produced under conditions which are friendly to the bird and to the environment. Our members abide by conditions which show an interest in: animal welfare, animal health, environmental sustainability, land care and public health.

FREPA LOGO web site copyOur logo is distinctive and eye catching. It is used on the packaging of accredited eggs and chicken meat. This label is the consumer’s assurance of a genuine free range product. Of course, the fact that our growers have a great tasting product, is the best promotion of all!

The future will bring many challenges to all farmers. To help our growers to remain competitive we have a list of Standards which we have developed into a Code of Practice. We are working to increase growers’ knowledge of marketing and keep up-to-date with technical information. Free Range does not mean that we are unscientific or reject technical advances. We simply insist that these changes take into account animal welfare and environmental considerations.

The future is very exciting and FREPA is aiming to be a force to be reckoned with!