Free Range Egg & Poultry Australia Ltd

Free Range Egg & Poultry Australia Ltd. is a group of dedicated Free Range producers and accredited processors who are setting high standards of production and quality. Our members are committed to providing to consumers products that reflect those standards.

Consumers can recognise eggs and poultry from our growers by the Accreditation Label on the packaging.
To be accredited it is necessary for our growers to have an understanding of land care, environmental, biosecurity and animal welfare issues, and animal diseases, and to comply with the most recent editions of:

For Meat Production:

  • Range Care Code of Practice  for FREPA Accreditation
  • FREPA Free Range Meat Bird Standards (standards for chickens, and turkeys have been approved by FREPA)
  • Animal Welfare Model Code of Practice
  • State Land Transport Regulations and Code of Practice
  • Food safety Regulations and Standards

For Egg Production:

  • Range Care Code of Practice  for FREPA Accreditation
  • FREPA Free Range Egg Standards
  • Animal Welfare Model Code of Practice.
  • Code of Practice for the Land Transport of Poultry.
  • Shell Egg Code of Production.

Egg producers need to know how to candle eggs and it is recommended that a Candling course is undertaken.

Most importantly, members follow a HACCP based system which minimizes the chance of something going wrong. The HACCP system does this by identifying where the critical control points are, ensuring these are checked regularly, setting up systems to deal with the control points and keeping appropriate records.

RangeCare’s Code of Practice is our approach to a quality product. We are concerned with the marketing of eggs and poultry, and with the credibility of both the product and our farmers. In our system, the management of pasture, the trees for the birds to nest and dust bathe, the quality and amount of food, the prevention of disease, the protection of the birds from predators are all very important.

This, of course, means that our members put in a lot of work. Members do it because they are concerned to give the birds a good life. It is satisfying to see the birds strutting around, having dust baths and scratching for bugs.  Our members are also work hard to produce a product which tastes fantastic!