Free Range Egg & Poultry Australia Ltd accreditation is available to all financial members.

To apply for FREPA accreditation simply send us an email using the form below:


Once the application form is completed and the supporting documentation has been obtained (incl. sketches of farm and shed/range areas; and copy of Public Liability insurance policy)

  • The audit will be scheduled and carried out by a qualified Exemplar Global Auditor.
  • To become accredited the applicant must abide by the RangeCare Code of Practice for Accreditation by FREPA Ltd, which includes following the appropriate FREPA Standards.
  • Costs of the initial audit and the annual renewal audit are to be paid by the applicant. The annual audit cost between $400 – $600 plus GST plus travel of the auditor.
  • The applicant receives the Accreditation Certificate in their name, and for a specific property. It is your management skills as well as the farming facilities and management systems that the Auditor examines and certifies.
  • Renewal of Accreditation is done annually.