Documents that are relevant to FREPA Members:

              RangeCare Code of Practice for Accreditation

               FREPA Standards

There are a number of other Codes of Practice which egg and chicken meat farmers and processors must comply with.  Some are national Codes and others are State based.  The States and Territories have constitutional powers over such issues as animal welfare, biosecurity, food safety and much of the environmental managment.   So all the national Codes for these issues are administered under State and Territory legislation and regulation.   The animal welfare Codes listed below are, essentially, model codes but the States and Territories do sometimes make changes when incorporating them in their legislation and regulation.  The best way to keep up-to-date is to bookmark the relevant section of the Agriculture Department in your State and the Commonwealth.  The topics to bookmark include, but are not limited to:

  • Animal Welfare Regulations
  • Animal Welfare Code of Practice for Poultry
  • Land Transport Regulations
  • Land Transport Code of Practice – General and Poultry
  • Biosecurity Regulations
  • Biosecurity Code of Practice for Eggs or Poultry
  • Food Safety Regulations for Eggs
  • Links to relevant legislation for that State

These tend to have links to the relevant Commonwealth government pages.  However, if they do not, it will pay to bookmark:

  • Animal Health Australia for animal health, biosecurity and animal welfare codes
  • Agriculture department for Codes of Practice for animal welfare, biosecurity and land transport
  • Food Standards Australia and New Zealand for food safety for primary production for both eggs and poultry